Demo App and Xcode Projects

Play our game, Meta Platformer, built entirely with the Fantastic Worlds kit.

Download from the App Store. It’s free.

Included Xcode Projects

Special Announcement! As of Build 1.11 of the kit, buyers will now receive the Meta Platformer Xcode project. This exciting addition to the package will give you another complete project to explore and pull examples from. It should go without saying, but this project has already been published to the App Store, so please do not try to republish it. You’ll also receive two other projects. Our previous demo project which includes 6 variations of a side-scroller level and top-down RPG style level. Each level can be played with swipes, directional buttons, or the much-preferred virtual joystick. And finally, you’ll get the barebones, as-stripped-down-as-possible version of the iOS kit. We’ve removed as much of our art as we thought we could, while still giving you a functioning example level, character, and platform to stand on. There’s some interface items and weapons as well. Just enough to build the project and walk around aimlessly.

Example Xcode Project 1 for the iOS Starter Kit

Project 1 - Meta Platformer

Project 2 - Side Scroller & RPG Demo

Example Xcode Project 3 for the iOS Starter Kit

Project 3 - Stripped-Down Demo

Three Mini-Games

The Meta Platformer wouldn’t deserve it’s “Meta” title if it didn’t include some games within the game. Not only does this example project include some awesome Mega Man style side-scroller levels, it also includes three mini games. Fashioned after classics like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, these three games show off how the kit can use gestures to control the character,  advance levels using scores, track high scores and do a lot with just a few graphics.

Mini Game 1 with the iOS Starter Kit

Mini Game 1

Mini Game 1

Mini Game 1 with the iOS Starter Kit

Mini Game 2

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