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Glorious iBook Guide

Documentation that's a pleasure just to look through.

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iBook Documentation and Video Guides

Free iBook Documentation for your Mac or iPad

All documentation for the kit is free (video or written). Above you can find links to download the iBooks format version of the guide (readable on your iPad or Mac) or a PDF version of the guide (for your iPhone or other devices). The book has dictionary-style entries for every property, and an Examples section of how typical objects are set up with screenshots of their corresponding property list entries. 

If you’re looking to read the latest features, be sure to visit the What’s New section in the front, and Version Notes section in the back.

Video Documentation

You can watch ALL the video documentation anytime on our Vimeo channel, YouTube playlist or on Udemy. Feel free to post questions or suggestions on our Udemy Discussion board. We’ll be recording a whole new batch of videos early to mid-September to show off some of the most recent features of the kit. 

This video will show you how to start from scratch with a new Tiled file and beginning laying out your level in the kit. We’ll start by looking out what a complete level laid out in Tiled looks like, then beginning from a blank file that we import into the kit.

This video demonstrates the virtual joystick controls in the kit. You’ll get an overview of how characters can be controlled via the virtual joystick and some easy properties to toggle to change it’s functionality.

This video shows off ladders in the kit and how to quickly set them up in Tiled and the Property List.

This video discusses the properties that make Objects use multiple weapons with our iOS kit. We’ll look at how to define the animation sequences for up to 3 different weapons, how to set the time between firing multiple weapons, offsetting when the weapon projectile is fired in relation to the animation sequence,  how to setup a non-random order for firing each weapon, how to randomize weapons, and how to use an unlimited number of different weapons (if you don’t mind using the same animation sequence).

This video talks about new additions in Build 1.12 of  the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit. This includes new features like Scores, High Scores, Automatic Level/Menu Advancing, and Automatic Death (like if a Space Invader reaches the bottom of the screen).  You can find out more at http://www.iosstarterkits.com

Screenshots of the iBook

  • Sprite Kit Particle Files in the kit
  • Debug Settings in the iOS Starter kit
  • Vectors in the iOS Starter Kit
  • Save Points in the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit
  • Maps in the iOS Starter Kit
  • Where to begin with the iOS starter kit