The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit Now Includes…

The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit Now Includes…
September 16, 2014 justindike
Xcode project sample from the iOS Kit
Build 1.11 of the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit is officially here! All buyers/subscribers should already have an update.  I mentioned some of the new features in one of my recent posts: multiple weapons for Objects / enemies, so I won’t dwell on that here.  I’ve got a special treat this Build for Subscribers and Lifetime buyers of the kit. You’ll now get 3 Xcode Projects with your purchase. Kind of a Small / Medium / Large in terms of what’s been imported to the kit.
  • The “Small” has very little imported, just a barebones amount of imagery to build a single level with one character on one platform.  This project is labeled Fantastic_Worlds_BareBones
  • The “Medium” you all know and love already, its was formally the Light edition, but that one grew a bit big with examples, so it’ll simply be referred to as the Fantastic_World_Demo
  • The “Large” is the same Meta Platformer demo app I submitted to the App Store. The project labeled  Fantastic_Worlds_Meta_Platfomer will be replacing the Kid’s App project, as the most fully featured demo to pull example properties from. The Kid’s App demo wasn’t being added to, whereas the Meta Platformer project is something I intend to add new “Arcade” style examples to regularly, and keep updated in the App Store as well. So don’t even think about re-submitting yourself, but you are welcome to peek into it and discover all her secrets. And in the future this will give me a better example project to add to instead of bloating either of the other projects.
And by the way, although I haven’t been able to test the kit on an actual iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (since nobody has one yet), everything is running as smooth as ever in the latest Xcode, which includes the Xcode 6 GM.
Xcode projects from the iOS Kit